Workday Adaptive Planning integration platform allows you to integrate to NetSuite Reports via web-query.

Workday Adaptive Planning integration platform offers several integration options to NetSuite like delivered NetSuite Connector, Saved Search Integration and Custom Cloud bundle for CCDS Integration (for Saved Searches).

A much less known integration path to NetSuite data is utilizing NetSuite reports via web-query.

Integration Steps:


On the NetSuite side, you will need to develop the report that will contain the dataset that you want to integrate. The key to this report is making sure that this report is available for web- query.

Under the More Options in the report builder make sure that “Allow web query” option is checked.

Workday Adaptive Planning Integration - NetSuite Web Query


Make sure once you generate the report the icon “Export – Excel Web Query” is available

Workday Adaptive Planning - NetSuite Web Query 2


Workday Adaptive Planning

In Workday Adaptive Planning we will be configuring a CCDS data source to integrate to the report web query.

The difference here is that the CCDS bundle does not need to be installed in NetSuite like it is when using saved searches through file cabinet.

The CCDS Script follows the same process as any other scripts where you have to set where the information comes from, the parameters of your report, report columns, etc..

The key to this script is making sure the correct web query address and correct parameters are set.

Workday Adaptive Integration - NetSuite Web query Integration - CCDS Script

Integration Considerations

This integration is no different or takes any longer to develop than the normal Saved Search integration through file cabinet (installing CCDS bundle in NetSuite).

With that in mind, the maintenance of this process will vary accordingly to the parameters you set on the report and CCDS .. so if you code the report to bring 2021 data only , maintenance will be needed once year 2022 comes.

It has been observed (although not documented) that NetSuite web query integration runs faster than  Saved search integrations.

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