The ABACI team recently came together at company headquarters in Atlanta, for a week of collaboration, learning, and of course, great food and drink.

Though we often see each other when onsite at a client location.  It’s rare for the entire team to be in one place together, so ABACI Days offer the perfect opportunity to share knowledge, ask questions, and bond with our coworkers.  Here at ABACI we have a unique culture that we embrace and we are very proud of.  As ABACIAN’s we take pleasure in getting to know each other not only at work in an office setting, but also as a member of our team/family.

Life in the ABACI Office

During the day, you could find the team scattered through-out the office.  We white-boarded complex solutions, brainstormed open questions, and/or shared helpful tips on all things NetSuite.  One of the greatest parts of our team is the diversity in expertise and experience.  So of course we happily took advantage of being together to learn and teach as much as possible.

Though everyone is of course always just a Slack message or phone call away, the face to face presence does a lot for camaraderie and collaboration.  This is an important part of ABACI that allows us to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

ABACI Team Dinner

After Hours

After work each night, the camaraderie continued at team dinners around some of Atlanta’s best restaurants.  They were of course handpicked by our fearless leader John. We regret we can’t share the delicious BBQ with our clients along with our leading NetSuite best practices.

No team retreat would be complete without a fun way to let off steam, so before dinner the first night we took a little trip to a local ax throwing bar. The functional team and the development split into two teams and competed for ultimate bragging rights. Much to our surprise, being a NetSuite guru doesn’t immediately translate to ax throwing success.  However, we quickly got the hang of it and started knocking down bulls-eye after bulls-eye.

Fun at BadAxe

Here’s to many more team-building ABACI Days to come!


The ABACI Team

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