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Category: Finance

Effectively Improve your business with NetSuite – Customer Account Portal

How can NetSuite SiteBuilder with SiteBuilder Extension Account Portal Improve your business? Reflect Your Brand: Ability to customize the look and feel of the site with advanced customization options as well as ability to apply HTTPS custom domain. Customer Freedom:... Read More »

Workday Adaptive – Successfully use Table Group Data Source in Design Integrations to calculate Week numbers

Reporting and data analysis on week numbers is key for various business segments. Calculating week number from your date fields should be a simple process during your integration. With Table Group Data Source this can be easily accomplished when bringing... Read More »

Quick Budget vs Actuals Reporting in Adaptive Insights

Budget vs Actuals Reporting in Adaptive Insights Once your models and structures are set up in Adaptive Insights and your data is in, creating HTML reports becomes a very simple process. HTML Reporting Platform in Adaptive is a simple tool... Read More »

Successful Remote UAT

Conducting a successful remote User Acceptance Test (remote UAT) During a time when organizations are switching from an on-location work environment and providing employees with flexible work options such as remote work, it has become increasingly important at ABACI to devise a... Read More »