Prepare for NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam

Many people are intimidated by the SuiteFoundation exam, especially considering some job opportunities require a passing score on the exam. The SuiteFoundation exam is a core requirement for the NetSuite certification process as you may not take further certification exams before passing SuiteFoundation. The following examples are personal experiences and tips from one of ABACI’s solution architects.

The purpose of this article is not to explain any features covered in the NetSuite SuiteFoundation exam because that can be found in the study guide, sample exam questions, and SuiteAnswers. Watching the training videos provided by NetSuite is another method of studying that can be beneficial but not something everyone has access to.

Study Fundamentals

Before passing the SuiteFoundation exam, I had not gained access to any NetSuite Training videos. I passed the Suite Foundation exam with only SuiteAnswers and the exam study guide. I used the strategy that I learned from the CPA exam when I studied for the SuiteFoundation exam. The best way to prepare is to understand all the requirements and guidelines listed in the Study Guide.

The questions are not created to trick a test taker. They are all are valid scenarios used within common business practices. It is important to note that since the exam is not updated frequently, they normally do not create questions involving new features or test you on the latest release features.

From NetSuite’s perspective, they say to focus on what it says in the Study Guide and concentrate on limiting the scope of your studies to what is in the study guide. However, from my perspective, it is beneficial to look at the study guides from other advanced certifications, like Certified Developer and Certified Administrator. This is a good way to get deeper into the broader topics found in the Suite Foundations guide. Many people who pass the SuiteFoundation test go on for additional certifications beyond SuiteFoundation, so why not study them in advance?

Study Time Management

Another important tip to determine whether you succeed or not on the exam is time. Yes, you can study for six months before you take the exam, but you may forget things you studied and waste time having to re-study those areas. So, remember, your time is not unlimited and is a sacred resource.

Below are few recommendations on time management. There is a lot of information covered in the course and it is important to keep studying throughout each week. The longer the breaks between studying, the more material you will forget:

  • Set a test date that is two to three months out. Setting a goal for yourself will help drive your motivation to study
  • Based on your test date, plan out your weekly goals to cover two or more topics
  • Set daily study time. I recommend up to 2 hours of focused study session

What You Know and What You Don’t Know

When I took the exam, I had no experience in the CRM module of NetSuite. I focused my studies on my weakest areas of knowledge – CRM and Inventory. The exam tends to focus on important features in the modules. Remember, most people taking the exam do not have experience in every area, so focus your studies on your weakest modules. If you score poorly on one module, but average on the rest, you will still pass the exam. If you have little to no NetSuite experience, you shouldn’t worry about this and should study all modules outlined by the Study Guide.

Testing Mentality

Another tip is the mentality that you should possess. Many exam takers have preconceived notions that NetSuite makes the exam difficult by testing on things they did not cover in training. While this is true for some exams, it is not the case for the SuiteFoundation exam. All the questions on this exam are only trying to test your understanding of the theory. Remember, all the exam answers are in SuiteAnswers. Just focus on the study guide and the sample exam and don’t think they are trying to overcomplicate questions.

Study What’s Wrong as Well

My final piece of advice pertains to strategies I learned while studying for my CPA exam. For multiple-choice questions, when people study for the exam, they only focus on the question and the correct answer – While this is important, test takers should also research the incorrect answers to understand why they are incorrect. Since they want to test if you understand the theory, they selectively create several different versions of the related questions. There is a big chance that those wrong answers represent the question’s answers that you will get in the real exam. So be sure you understand the other three wrong choices and why they are incorrect. Simply memorizing the correct answers on sample exams will not help as there are many different types of phrasing and formats NetSuite will use in these questions.


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