ABACI Helps Businesses Like Yours Succeed and Grow with NetSuite 

Our Approach Delivers Rapid Value & Accelerates Timeline to Go-Live

At ABACI, our process-driven, accounting-centric approach to NetSuite implementation has empowered countless companies to take advantage of the immense power of NetSuite’s full suite of cloud applications. Our team’s main priority is to help you expand, elevate, and accelerate your business.

Phase 1: Planning & Design

We begin with an extensive review of your existing processes, which allows us to determine the custom elements we’ll implement into your NetSuite plan. During Phase 1, our team provides yours with all of the information and data needed to enhance technical design and development. At the end of this process, we present you with a detailed, finalized plan that will maximize your NetSuite efforts.

Phase 2: Build & Iterate

Next, the ABACI team gets to work. We build all of your configurations and custom technical elements, identified from the detailed project plan created back in the first phase. By using an agile, sprint-cycle development methodology, we are able to build quickly, unit test effectively, and quickly adapt to changes in our timeline as necessary. By the time this stage is complete, we will have delivered completely configured NetSuite ERP functionality, CRM modules, and integrated system builds for your company.

Phase 3: Testing, Planning & Execution

Now’s the time to make sure everything works as planned. Once everything is built, we begin end-to-end testing the software to ensure it is ready for your use across the entire technology stack. We understand that NetSuite is part of a larger ecosystem of technology solutions – By testing end-to-end, we ensure that NetSuite works in harmony across all platforms.

Phase 4: User Training & Deployment

The final phase is user training and deployment. After verifying everything works as planned in Phase 3, we begin training your team to NetSuite to its fullest potential. This can be done in a “classroom” setting or over Zoom – either way, you and your team will be ready to integrate NetSuite into your company processes. You’re on your way to success.

Cookie-cutter Doesn’t Work!

At ABACI, we tailor our implementation process to your company, rather than following the same framework for each of our clients. Every company is different and faces unique challenges – Cookie-cutter, checklist implementations don’t work!

If you’re struggling with any of the following, our NetSuite ERP implementation is right for you:

  • Missing real-time insight to valuable business data
  • Analytics and metrics are based on unreliable data
  • Experiencing difficulty implementing new business models and strategies
  • Problems with geographic expansion to grow your business
  • Roadblocks into scaling manual processes
  • Struggling with compliance
  • Meeting high level audit requirements
  • Adapting to new technologies

When you choose ABACI to help with your NetSuite ERP integration process, you stand to gain from the following benefits:

  • 360-degree visibility into your business
  • Enhanced order process efficiencies
  • Better reporting time
  • Quicker time to close
  • Better access to IT support and resources
  • Maximizing your NetSuite investment

Ready to Partner with Our Expert NetSuite Consulting Team?

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