How to Hide NetSuite Buttons Using Workflow

One of the most useful customization feature in NetSuite is to place a custom button(s) on native or custom records.  But what if you want to remove existing native NetSuite buttons? What if you want to remove custom buttons placed by 3rd party bundles that you do not have access to?

Here are few business use cases for such requirement:

  • Bill Remaining button that appears on Sales Order is native NetSuite button. Client wanted this button to ONLY appear when a customer was in specific status.
  • Customer wanted to replace native Print capability available on NetSuite invoice record with custom print function
  • Customer wanted to only show Delete button based on state of transaction as well as customer

For removing select list of native NetSuite buttons, you can do it from custom form under Actions > Standard Actions sub tab.  You can choose to Show the buttons relevant to the record you are working with or simply choose to display it as Menu item.

While this approach works great, it won’t allow you to add logic for removal.  Alternate way to remove native and/or custom buttons with some logic around it is to use Workflow.

One of the native NetSuite action available in Workflow state is called “Remove Button”.  This action allows you to choose which button to remove.

On state edit window, click “New Action”.

This will bring up another window that lists out all native action as well as custom workflow actions you’ve created on your NetSuite account.

“Remove Button” action will allow you to choose what button to remove on the screen.

Since these are state action, your workflow logic will drive how it gets to that state.

It is quick to build and easily deployed to help control business process. Do you need complex workflow built? or improve existing ones? Give us a call!

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