Background Info:

A few weeks ago, my day started out just like any other. Wake up, stretch, meander downstairs to make coffee, and walk to my desk where I would do the usual millennial tasks of checking my email, missed notifications, Facebook, LinkedIn, and then start work. Little did I know that this day would be unlike any other day.

Early that day, a recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn, (I know, big surprise there), but this position caught my eye. It was for a NetSuite Consulting role with a NetSuite partner (ABACI).  After some prodding, she was able to convince me to set up a call with her to go over the culture of the company and provide me with more information. Because, well let’s be honest, culture is a HUGE part of any employment decision. After the call, I couldn’t get the ball rolling fast enough.

The ABACI Interview Process:

As with most companies, the interview process was comprised of three parts, the initial screening interview, the technical (or functional interview), and then if you are lucky enough to get past those, a call with the CEO. Oftentimes, any one or all of those will feel more like an interrogation than an interview.

This could not be farther from how it was at ABACI. During the technical coding portion of the interview, they made sure to stress that they, the interviewers, were available should I have any questions – whether it be about the coding itself, or the task they gave me. They wanted to simulate a real working environment where once you are hired in, they are available to assist in anyway. This was HUGE! It immediately puts you at ease knowing that you can ask for assistance, even during your interview!

During the first and last calls, yes you will be speaking with executive level members, however, it feels more like a discussion between friends and colleagues than a grilling, grueling interview.  But one thing is stressed throughout each stage of the process: We only hire the BEST and the HUNGRIEST talent we can find.

ABACI On-boarding:

The timeline for the interview process was extremely quick compared to other companies. Start to finish was around two weeks total, followed by an extension of their offer. Oftentimes, they will bring two different options to present you with, and you can choose which one sounds and works best for you.

Once an offer was chosen and accepted, they requested that I fly to their office in Atlanta, GA.  Upon arrival, I thought, Am I in the right place? Did I make the right choice? These questions were quickly answered with a resounding YES!!!

During my time with the team in Atlanta, there were several team building dinners and events, during which you will get to see the rest of the team not only as colleagues, but also as friends; learning about their personal lives, families, ambitions, goals, and what drives them. During these events, most of which were after hours, we found ourselves discussing work and our professional goals, intermixed with personal discussions. It felt as if we had known each other for years rather than just a few short hours. The adage, “work hard play hard,“ comes to mind (OR ‘When you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life’).


Final Thoughts:

Being chosen to join the ABACI team is not only a humbling experience, but it’s also very reassuring to know your abilities have been noticed by other industry professionals. Being part of the team is a huge accomplishment in and of itself and should be celebrated! I personally sat down and enjoyed a good cigar.

We are a very flat-style company, and everyone’s opinions have value, right down to the newest members (mine). While it was, and still is at times, intimidating being surrounded by other people whose skillsets are much more developed than mine, no one views themselves as being better than anyone else.

Everyone respects that each one of us brings something different to the table, with each of us offering our assistance to all members, not only to move the company forward but bring everyone along with it! Joining the ABACI team was, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Steve Jobs once said ‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people’.

This company not only embraces this quote but lives and breathes it.


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About ABACI:

ABACI is a premier NetSuite Solution Provider that provides deep knowledge in both business process and technology architecture. Our team is passionate about NetSuite and has an exclusive commitment to NetSuite. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of system expertise on its full suite of cloud-based business management applications.