NetSuite Application Performance Monitor (APM) – Concurrency Monitor

Application Performance Monitor (APM)

NetSuite Application Performance Monitor (APM) is a free bundle that you can install on your NetSuite account. The tool provides detailed performance information on your accounts’ customization, saved searches and record/page load times. The tool is meant to help you identify poorly performing customizations or saved searches and fix them.
With new release of 2018.1, NetSuite added Concurrency monitor to the tool.  This new feature is especially important due to concurrency limit enforcement NetSuite introduced.

Concurrency Limit

Concurrency limit is number of simultaneous database action that can take place at once.  It is not to be confused with number of connection.  It only applies to database actions from inbound REST/WebService connections.  Majority of NetSuite accounts will have max limit of 5 concurrency.  Purchase of SuiteCloud Plus (SCP) License will increase number of concurrency limit.

If you have multiple external applications connecting into NetSuite, installing and utilizing Application Performance Monitor bundle will provide you with information necessary to troubleshoot or improve NetSuite integrations.

Bundle Install

Here is basic steps to get this tool installed on your NetSuite Account:

  1. Log into NetSuite as Administrator (or role that allows you to search/install bundles).
  2. Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles
  3. Use “67350” or keyword “APM SuiteApp” to search for bundle
  4. Install the bundle

Once it is installed, you can get to Application Performance Monitor tool dashboard by navigating to Customization > Performance > Dashboard.

Concurrency Monitor

You can get to Concurrency Monitor by navigating to Customization > Performance > Concurrency Monitor.

I like to recommend changing the view to “Request Exceeding Limit” to give you quick view of failed integrations.

Each box can be clicked onto further drill down to information.


Knowing when and how the integrations fail will help you identify fix for them.  Here are few pointers:

  1. Reduce the number of real time sync operations from external application. This can be done by doing scheduled batch jobs.
  2. Limit the number of concurrent connections that are made from external application.  One way to do this is to use queuing process on external application so that only set number calls are made concurrently to NetSuite.
  3. If you have no control over external application; Celigo, Bronto, Dell Boomi; start your conversation with your account rep.  Use the data you see here and work with application provider to come up with solution.
  4. Purchase SuiteCloud Plus license.  Having this license will increase your concurrency by 10.  For example, having 1 SCP license will increase your concurrency limit to 15.  If you know there will be more than 3 external application connecting into NetSuite, it is worth looking into purchasing SCP license.  This license also grants 5 queues for CSV import as well as 5 queues for Scheduled and Map/Reduce script processing.

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