Custom Integration with Google Translate API in NetSuiteTranslating Free-Form Text/Narrative fields in NetSuite

One of the most powerful feature of NetSuite is the ability to build custom integration with other cloud based applications.  We are implementing NetSuite for one of our clients in Mexico, and the Mexican Tax Authority requires that all financial transactions and related data be translated and available in Spanish. While NetSuite does provide out of the box menu item, segment, and custom field label translation capabilities (i.e. for NetSuite configuration/master data elements), it does NOT provide the translation of narrative fields (e.g. memo and free-form text fields).

We built a pretty cool custom integration in NetSuite to allow users to seamlessly and automatically provide translations of text/narrative fields from one language to the required Subsidiary-specific language. Any text fields in NetSuite that need to be translated have a custom “mirrored” field to hold the translated value. When data/text is entered or changed on one of these transaction fields by a user, a NetSuite custom script triggers that will send the text to be translated and receive the translated text by communicating with Google via an API call. Google Translate can actually detect the language being sent; so, it doesn’t matter whether the user enters “Se trata de una nómina de acumulación para mayo el año 2016”, “Ceci est un exercice de paie pour mai 2016”, or “Si tratta di un accantonamento del libro paga per maggio 2016”, Google can figure out that it needs to translate it to “This is a payroll accrual for May 2016”!!

NetSuite Integration with Google Translate API
NetSuite text and/or narrative fields are automatically translated into target language via custom integration with Google Translate API.

We’re able to now produce full financials and related tax compliance reporting in whatever language is required for the Subsidiary. If you want to learn more about this solution, let us know and we’ll be happy to share it with you!