How can NetSuite SiteBuilder with SiteBuilder Extension Account Portal Improve your business?

  • Reflect Your Brand: Ability to customize the look and feel of the site with advanced customization options as well as ability to apply HTTPS custom domain.
  • Customer Freedom: Gives customers the ability to make real time changes to their account information.
  • Billing Accommodation: Gives your B2B and B2C customers a one stop shop for billing receipts and payments.
  • All in One: Using NetSuite SiteBuilder with SiteBuilder Extension allows you to keep your customers close by feeding data straight into your ERP platform.

What is NetSuite SiteBuilder with SiteBuilder Extension Account Portal?

The NetSuite SiteBuilder with SiteBuilder Extension Account Portal is a great way to bridge the gap between customer and business, allowing them to take control of their account information.

The account portal allows customers to view purchases, pay invoices, enter default payment information, and adjust their profile information (addresses, billing preferences, phone, and email). With built in billing history, customers can view orders and even download invoice PDFs.

SiteBuilder Extension (Bundle ID: 194218) is a free bundle which allows SiteBuilders’ account portal page to be fully customizable.

Does NetSuite SiteBuilder include E-commerce Functionality?

While SiteBuilder does include E-commerce Functionality we would recommend using SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) if you want to take full advantage of NetSuites E-commerce platform as it provides much more customization options and flexibility. But if you want to give customers a full self-service option without E-commerce functionality then SiteBuilder with SCA Extension is the absolute best option.

Design Options:

The account portal comes as prepackaged solution but will need to be customized to incorporate your design and branding guidelines. While full customization options usually requires development, some customizations can be done through the NetSuite SiteBuilder UI.

NetSuite SiteBuilder Design Options

Payment Options:

By default, SiteBuilder comes with built in PCI compliance credit card processing through NetSuite. But if you want to add more options for your customers, customizations can be added to include ACH, PayPal, etc.

NetSuite SiteBuilder Payment Options


Order History:

Order History gives customers access to self-service. From the order history list customers can sort and filter to find orders and deep dive into a particular order. If the status of the order is pending customers can make payments using the payment method of their choice. Order PDFs can also be downloaded from the order page where it is pulled directly from the order within NetSuite.

NetSuite SiteBuilder Order History

SiteBuilder with SiteBuilder Extension offers a full range of features to give more power to your customers. Customer interaction enables real time changes within the NetSuite environment. If you are looking for full E-commerce functionality you may want to consider SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) but if you are trying to find the perfect integrated solution for customer account self-service, this solution will work for you.

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