Role Changes in NetSuite 2019.1 Release

Subsidiary Restrictions for Roles

As a part of the 2019.1 release, NetSuite added the ability to assign subsidiary restrictions and access to inactive subsidiaries to user roles. Previously, it was a complex and manual process restrict access to a users subsidiary. To address these issues, a new Subsidiary Restrictions section has been added to the role record.

The Subsidiary Restrictions section of the role record now includes the following four options:

  • All – Grants access to all subsidiaries, including inactive subsidiaries.
  • Active – Grants access to active subsidiaries only.
  • User Subsidiary – Restricts the role’s access to the user’s subsidiary only.
  • Selected – With this feature, a list of active and inactive subsidiaries is populated. Select the subsidiaries which should be restricted to the role’s access.

Also, the Allow Cross-Subsidiary Record Viewing box has been moved from the General section to the Subsidiary Records section of the role record.

NetSuite Roles and Permissions

It is important to note that the enhancements these enhancements may cause some users to experience changes in access to records. Administrators are advised to review their roles and validate the access required.

Core Administration Permissions Feature

Another addition to the 2019.1 release is the Core Administration Permission. This feature reduces the need to use the standard administrator role. The Core Administration Permissions feature allows custom roles to behave like the administrator role while also restricting access to areas of NetSuite. For example, you can create a role that allows administrator privileges while also limiting access to sensitive employee information.

It is important to note that assigning the Core Administration Permissions feature to a role requires two-factor authentication (2FA). For more information on 2FA, see our previous blog post. In addition, NetSuite will no longer allow the ability to assign the Full Access role to new users.

To enable the Core Administration Permissions feature:

  1. Navigate to Setup >Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.
  2. Select to the Company subtab
  3. Check the Core Administration Permissions box in the Access section.

To assign the Core Administration Permissions feature:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > Manage Roles.
  2. Click the Customize link next to the role.
  3. Check the Core Administration Permissions box.
  4. Click Save.

For more information on managing roles is NetSuite, click here.

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