On April 25th, 2018 NetSuite released new User Interface to the weekly timesheet. The new user interface is now more modern and more end user-friendly. The new user interface allows more sophisticated mass approvals and/or rejection that are pending approval.

NetSuites' new timesheet user interface
NetSuites’ new timesheet user interface

You can enable this new feature by navigating to Setup > Company > Enable Feature > Employee Subtab > Time & Expenses > Check New Weekly Timesheets Interface.

Enable new weekly timesheet UI feature

When you enable this feature, your current weekly timesheet page will be updated to include several enhancements:

  • Column headers will now be fixed at the top of the line-items to offer standard visibility at all times.
  • User time entries will also be assigned to a fixed location as well.
  • Users will be able to side scroll to see supplementary information about each line but, the time entries will continue to remain visible.
  • Users will be able to find a total at the top of each column for each day included on the weekly timesheet.

User can also now add memos to a single time entry with the use of a pop-up window.  Content is saved automatically when a user clicks away from the window. Administrators/ Full Access users with permissions can still customize the form to add fields to the pop-up window. When a memo is entered onto a line-item, a memo icon will appear in the corner of each time entry that has a memo. Approvers can also approve/reject single time entries from pop-up windows that appear on weekly timesheets.

The new User Interface has relocated the Copy From Week and the Import Planned Time buttons to the Enter Time subtab. Other changes are that the Time Details subtab has been replaced by a Planned Time subtab. This tab shows any future planned project time entries. Users will now be able to scroll through timesheets more effortlessly by clicking on the arrows on either side of the Week Of field.

Subtab changes
Subtab changes

If your company uses Advanced Approvals, after a weekly time entry is saved, the background of each time entry will reflect the approval status of that entry. By utilizing Advanced Approvals users will be able to know the status of their time entries within a single week just by viewing the Weekly Timesheet page. Below is a list of the time entry statuses:

  • Open – White
  • Approved – Green
  • Rejected – Red
  • Pending – Blue

If you so elect to utilize the user interface and enhancements to the Weekly Timesheet pages, please contact any of our ABACI consultants to review your processes to ensure that you do not lose any functionality that is/has been released in your NetSuite Instance. This review will be painless and should prevent any immediate issues when converting to the new UI.

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