NetSuite allows businesses to fully automate credit card payments to open invoices in the system. The ability to auto-apply credit card payments is extremely helpful in improving A/R collections. The issue many businesses face is making sure customer credit cards are up to date. Our simple NetSuite dunning notification solution allows you to easily configure and automate credit card expiration notifications.

Business Use Case

A company would to like to automatically send credit card expiration dunning notifications to customers if following criteria are met:
Credit Card Expiration Notification

  • 30 days prior to expiration date
  • 15 days prior to expiration date
  • The day of expiration date
  • 5 days passed expiration date
  • 10 days passed expiration date

Dunning Notification Solution Detail

Our solution allows users to easily configure different types of notifications where each notification can have unique email templates. The ability to provide different email templates per dunning configuration allows businesses to convey different levels of urgency. Each configuration record will produce one email notification when the criteria is met.

dunning notification configuration for credit card expiration


Sample: Credit Card Expiration Notification

credit card expiration notification sample
credit card expiration notification sample

Requirements To Use This Solution

  • NetSuite is keeping track of customer credit card numbers or tokens generated by payment gateways such as CyberSource or Merchant E-Solution
  • There is PCI compliant way to capture customer credit card number into NetSuite

Customization To Meet Unique Business Process

  • Recipient(s) of email dunning notifications
  • Dynamic content(s) within the email template
  • Optionally, small customization will allow same process to generate overdue invoice notification

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