Why You Should Upgrade from SAP Business One to NetSuite

Now that a new version is on the horizon for 2019, perhaps now it is time to consider a move to NetSuite as an alternative to upgrading to SAP Business One v10. NetSuite has spent the last 20 years leading the market shift to the cloud and proving-out that the cloud is a faster, less expensive, and more secure place for delivering an ERP to operate your business. Most new companies these days are doing business in the cloud, and older, more established companies are looking to become more flexible with moving portions of their business to the cloud. Should you be making the move too? Is it the right time? Will you be Better off for it?

It has often been said ‘If I knew better, I would do better’. And as you consider your options with that in mind, allow me to propose what Better could look like. Better:

  • Is always on the current version of the software; automatically
  • Doesn’t require new servers or personnel if you open a new office or make an acquisition
  • Delivers new functionality quickly with no additional charge
  • Is accessible anywhere you can access a web browser (office, home office, or mobile)
  • Has self-serve custom reporting
  • Doesn’t have forced hardware upgrades, Microsoft upgrades, VPN, or firewall
  • Delivers patches/fixes automatically, without the need for a consultant
  • Consolidates financials automatically
  • Is integrated with eCommerce and Marketing Automation

There is no need to wait for Better to arrive. It is here today, and it is helping thousands of businesses accelerate faster than ever before. Will you be one of them? Will you do Better?

For a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current business, and whether NetSuite can help make you Better, call us at 678-927-9868 or contact us online

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